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Jethro Compton Presents Sirenia

1898. North-Western Canada. Deep in the forests of the Yukon Territory.

After the massacre of her tribe, a young girl is rescued from the snow by an old huntsman from a nearby settlement who offers shelter and the strength to survive. Torn from centuries of tradition, facing a new and violent land, she struggles to find her path in the world. An outsider to all, she discovers hope in the friendship of an abandoned wolf, White Fang.


With this newfound alliance, the two unite with the land, learning the ways of her ancestors. Lethal with blade and bow, there are few who can match her skill in the wild. But when the time comes and she faces her greatest challenge of all, the threat of assimilation and the extinction of her identity, will these skills be enough to make a difference? Will they be enough to survive?

An epic story of love, loss, and redemption – red-written in the snow.

Inspired by the classic novel from Jack London, author of The Call of the Wild.



US Cast

Lyzbet Scott: Jen Diaz 
Weedon Scott: Michael Mahoney
Curly: Hannah Benitez
Beauty Smith: Alan Mohney Jr.
Tom Vincent: Daniel Schwab
Henry Griffith: Robert Johnston

UK Cast

Lyzbet Scott: Mariska Ariya
Weedon Scott: Robert G Slade
Curly: Bebe Sanders
Beauty Smith: Paul Albertson
Tom Vincent: Jonathan Mathews
Henry Griffith: Danny Mahoney

Opening under the title White Fang, this production was a co-production with

freeFall Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where it was first staged in the fall of 2017,

and in association with Worthing Theatres, where it previewed before its opening

in London at Park Theatre in December 2017.

Creative Team
Director and Set Designer: Jethro Compton

Puppetry Director: James Silson

Associate Director: Ellie Gauge
Original Soundtrack by Jonny Sims
Original Songs by Gavin Whitworth

Original Song Lyrics by Jethro Compton

Original Song Arrangements by Michael Raabe

Costume Designer: Adrin Puente

Lighting Designer: Julian McCready

Sound Designer: Juan Coolio

Puppetry Designer: Eric Davis
Musical Director (USA):  Michael Raabe
Musical Director (UK): Gavin Whitworth
Dramaturgs: Timothy Saunders and Oliver Kassman
Assistant Director: Jessica Knight
Casting Director (UK): Becky Paris


Wolfs Blood Book.png

The play has been published by

Samuel French and is now available for license. 

Find out more, order the book, and request licenses to perform at

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