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LOKI: The Trickster.

Inspired by Norse mythology. Chicago, 1923. Lola Keen is plotting the demise of her husband… a plan that flies dangerously close to disaster. Played to the beat of a vaudeville snare as she entertains and entrances for her own unravelling amusement. 


LUCIFER: The Usurper.

An immersive reimagining of the Biblical legend. 1934. Nick Nitti grows too proud, grasps too far, and falls from grace – out of the criminal underworld he thought paradise.

He tried to bring light to Chicago but filled it with darkness.


VINDICI: The Revenger.

Inspired by The Revenger’s Tragedy. 1943. In a city full of shadows and deceit, the Chicago law force is in the hands of the highest bidder. Alone in his Lexington Hotel room sits disgraced detective Vindici – plotting his revenge


Enter the ganglands of Chicago.


The Capone Trilogy premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 and has since been licensed internationally.

Original UK Cast

David Calvitto

Suzie Preece

Oliver Tilney


Writer: Jamie Wilkes

Director / Set & Lighting Designer: Jethro Compton

Composer: Jonny Sims

Costume Designer: Jessica Knight

Sound Designer: Ella Wahlström

Production Manager: Ben Karakashian

Stage Manager: Frances White

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