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Jethro Compton Presents Sirenia

Photograph by Alberto Maria Melis. Artwork by Jethro Compton Ltd

Alone in a lighthouse in the seas off Cornwall, a storm is fast approaching.

Isaac Dyer, the lighthouse keeper, tries to find shelter, but the rising water brings

with it a presence from his past. The ocean raging, he must

confront the demons that emerge from the darkness.


But as the storm dies, the coastguard discover Black Rock Lighthouse standing alone,

towering over the waters of the Atlantic, and inside, no sign of life.


From Cornish writer Jethro Compton, Sirenia merges Celtic folklore

with a modern tale of love, loss, and a life of solitude.


Sirenia premièred at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015 and has been licensed for production internationally.


Writer/Director/ Producer: Jethro Compton

Cornish Translator: Pol Hodge

Composer: Jonny Sims

Costume Desginer: Jessica Knight

Sound Designer: Ella Wahlström

Set & Lighting Design: Jethro Compton

Production Manager: Ben Karakashian

Stage Manager: Frances White


Original UK Cast:

 Rob Pomfret & Evie Tyler


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